Sunday, September 7, 2008


This past weekend at an undisclosed location on the far and vast eastcoast some great happenings... well, happened. On friday the girlfriend and I head on down to the great state that I cannot reveal the name of to meet the family for a weekend trip. The idea was not for me to surf, it was to have a good ole time in general and something with a birthday and what not.

On friday the waves were nothing special but really fun, they were punchy and had a good bit of face to bust a move on. If the drive was not horendous for me I would go hear more often.

Saturday was hurricane Hanna so despite the wind and rain I still made two trips down the street to the beach to check out what was going on- flat out gnarly stuff that I want no part of.

So Sunday, the clean up day, ahhhhh the clean up day, was what a bro would call EPIC. These head high rollers with bigger sets that could not have been more in place. I think I saw two closeouts the entire day. The paddle was killer, but was absolutly worth it because the crowd was pleasantly not really there.

This not so desolate but far away location turned out to be filled with wildlife, waves, and good times. Too bad i'm not telling you were it is.

Friday, August 29, 2008

a few more local jabbers

Ok so what the hell is going on with the surf for monday and tuesday????? what is this forecast for headhigh waves???!!!! really, wow

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Tips to Becoming a Successful College... Surfer?

Ahh college, congratulations on being halfway successful in the classroom. So now lets not this education hogwash get in the way of your shred time. Below are a few tips on how to keep your surfing life alive in school.

1) PLAN AHEAD... your whole life, everyone has been telling you not to save things to the last minute- they are right. If you do the day trip once or twice a weekd or whenever, get some sleep saved up. It is impossible to get a good nights rest on friday night with the intent of getting up saturday morning. You are not going to go to sleep early on friday night, so plan on sleeping for a day during the week.

2) H2O YO... bring water, seriously, keep a jug in your car or something

3) LEARN TO GO TO CLASS... it does not matter how hung over, sick, or even currently drunk you are, go to class no matter what. If you are totally unprepared and are going to take a verbal beating from the teacher, it is all worthwhile when you have those free sick days they give you to go surf. So don't be that bum that has to be in class while all the bros are out surfing.

4) ROAD TRIP!... if you are in a new place, go explore, chances like these do not happen often.

5) USE THE ADVANTAGE... if your at a party and that girl that you have been stalking finally lets you talke to her, do not let this keep you from surfing. Use surfing as your advantage to make her think you are cool, because however, surfers are kind of the coolest people ever- look at how many people try to dress like us and yada yada yada.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Okay so there is that article i been promising everybody, well i havent been working on it because i have a horrible summer job and fall asleep when i come home everyday. Look for this masterpiece in the fall.

Theres no waves, but that doesnt mean you should not stop checking out my surf report for 18th street on

I have some pics of two of my bras spongin in the OC slop that i will be posting up soon enough

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

even later jabbers

Horay for humpday! Hows everyone making it through the week? Keep catchin waves while you can cause this weekend it looks like a drop in size. Speeking of wave size, check out my surf report on go to ocean city maryland and click on 18th street. This spot is also known as JABS in recognition to jaws.

Next on the list is that article i am supposed to be getting out. It has been going kinda slow, but i'm makin small progress eachday... sorta. I don't see anyone else doing productive shit so lay of me a lil.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest jabbers

I hope everyone had a super-fun weekend of surfing thanks to hurricane bertha and the rest of mother nature that made it happen. It was an awesome weekend for the 2008 Malibu's Classic- for the latest updates on standings and overall points feel free to check out ESA's site. Go to the Delmarva district and click the points link.

Since this post is titled,"Latest Jabbers," I'm going to jabber for a bit. Assateaque, however you spell it, was really crowded. I like people at assateaque because there is alot of wild life out there which freaks me out when I'm out there alone. Seriously though, stop snaking people and being uncooth. Nobody likes it and its only gonna get your tires flattened in the end.

Lastly, I'm still working on that feature surprise article, but since I do construction full time for the summer, I am really tired when I get home. Also, since I'm jabbering, look foward to more pics on the site, i need to get a better lense. Thats all for now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Stuff!!!!!

First and foremost on the list of things to do is hurricane Bertha, which might make a visit to this super awesome east coast. This means for some shoulder high waves, which I am un-proffesionally predicting and a really crowded sesh.

Second on the list is that contest coverage that I have been saying I am going to do and have not yet because I have this job and everything because I need money because nobody wants to pay me for the stuff i right and those bills come way to often in the mail and the reason people don't want my stuff is because this is a really long run-on sentence with horrible english and puncutation and filled with spelling mistakes.

Lastly on the new list of stuff is I am currently working on a new feature article, can't tell ya what it is because thats no fun- be sure to check it out, however.

Go surf, just stay out of my way.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hey everybody, its been a while but I got some up and coming things for you all to check out. I'm going to be doing ESA contest coverage as well as some features.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Better Your Shredding"

"Better Your Shredding" –by Josef Jablecki

Everybody lives in different locations and surfs for different reasons. However, no one is content with surfing at the same skill level their whole lives- we all want to be better. Surfing at your prime does not come easy. It takes training. Yes, surfing is a sport and takes training and practice. Since the pros have nothing better to do during their day other than get better at surfing, they hire trainers or make up their own routine to keep their minds acute and their surfing the best that it can be. So why can't the rest of the surfing population better their surfing?

Loose limbs

First and foremost is preparation. Many pros get up before sunrise to stretch before they do anything else. The average surfer that works a day job does not have to stretch for an hour before they go to work everyday, but since the day job worker is also the majority of the weekend warriors, sitting at that desk all day and then cranking out a nine hour surf session on Saturday and Sunday can be hard on the body.

Surfing for a long period of time, especially doing it sporadically can eventually develop into spine, hip, shoulder, and knee problems. There is a solution, however. Stretching is by far one of the best things a surfer can do for their body, and it can also eliminate all of the problems stated above. Using a Swiss ball is one of the better stretching exercises because it imitates the same motions you would do on a surfboard. You can buy a Swiss ball package online at many surfing fitness websites or at a fitness store that comes with a video to show you how to use it properly. Stretching with the Swiss ball will really help to prevent immediate injuries, say from going over the falls on a three foot overhead day, because your body will be limber enough to take the pounding.

The Swiss ball will increase stability at the shoulders and core which in the end will allow you to paddle longer and have faster sprints. "Improved stability also prevents the development of tendonitis, which causes pain, loss of power, and eventually an inability to paddle," as stated on

Having good core stability can provide a good base that the arms and legs can generate power from. This will prevent lower back pain and knee problems. Alongside helping to prevent injuries, loose and limber muscles will allow you to surf better.

Feel that burn!!!

After forming a good stretching routine comes cross training. Since most of the time spent in the water is done paddling, swimming is an excellent source of training. All you need is a pair of old trunks, some goggles, and maybe a pool membership. Hopping in the pool and doing a few laps four times a week will help, but seeing a trainer will help maximize efficiency in smaller amounts of time. Here is a small tip to help you start out with a swimming routine: do eight laps to warm up, then do six twenty five meter sprints, next do five sets of one hundred meter power strokes (use a forceful paddling motion like you would when paddling through the impact zone), after this do a few laps via backstroke and finish up with some more prone position swimming. This routine will greatly benefit the weekend warrior by simulating what your body does when surfing and will keep your muscles fresh and toned for Saturday and Sunday.

Another effective cross training routine is light weight training concentrating on back and shoulders. You can use a pull up bar or some dumbbells.

Sweet Stick

Now that everyone is buff and ready to go lets discuss boards. Using the same board at your home break that Taj Burrow uses at Sunset during a WCT event is probably not the best idea. On the other hand, having a quiver of boards is an excellent idea. Getting in the one-board rut makes your surfing bland, even though you will progress very quickly on that board. An open mind is essential to surfing better; this is when different boards come in to play. Different boards automatically put the surfer on different parts of the wave. Point being, using the same board only lets you see the same parts of the wave. Changing it up a bit will give you a fresh and new perspective.

For starters, look at a fish, thruster, and long board- these three types of boards are very different from each other. Having this quiver to start out will allow three different types of surfing.

Depending on where everybody surfs, their quiver will vary from others. It is essential to have the proper board or boards for your body weight and height, and the waves you are riding. Don't be scared to talk to your local surf shop. Having worked at one, it is easy to tell who is a genuine surfer.

Take a look

Learning new moves is one of the greatest parts of surfing, it's what keeps us going out in the water, it gives a reason to surf, and it’s just fun. However, learning new moves can be discouraging. Set a goal that is not too high for your ability in order to make better progress.

A good way to learn moves is by watching people that can already do them extremely well. Bust out a video from your collection and watch how the surfer pulls off that roundhouse cutback, or that huge floater. Examine what they do with every part of their body including were they look, what their shoulders and arms are doing, where their feet are, etc.

Next time you paddle out, take a moment to think about everything you saw in the video. When you are surfing keep everything you saw in mind and try to reciprocate it. This is also a good way to form your own style, since we are all different shapes and sizes.

When you get out of the water, take another couple of seconds to think about what you did right and wrong. This really works. You have to troubleshoot to figure out the problem, and there is a problem somewhere, because if there weren’t you would be winning every contest in the world and would not be reading this article.

All in all, make a small effort to stretch everyday, get yourself stoked about going surfing, watch surfing videos, go surf as much as possible- not only is this going to be more fun but it will improve your surfing. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Other neat stuff

So first on the list of neat random stuff is the Mick Fanning model Rip Curl suit that Mike is displaying so wonderfuly. Its a cool suit, its blue and is a chest zip. I think this is already in another article but it's that neat.
Secondly, if anyone rides an Aviso, which there is like four people on earth that do, feel free to put up a post and explain how it rides. The boards are extremely light, and super flexable. The reason they are so fast is because of the flex. So if there is a first hand experience out there then post it up!
Next is a wetsuit dryer!!!! I don't have one of these either, but it looks like it would work so if your suit is constantly wet then try it out cause it would more than likely work. Also, if there is a first hand experience, post it up for all to see!!! ( even though there is like three and a half people that read this blog)
Saving the best for last is the Jon Jon Mutant. I stand by O'Neill very strongly; I've had O'Neill suits for many years and they last long and perform well. So if you want to be really cool like me, and Jon Jon and like pinstripes, than get one of these suits.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Starting at the bottom left is the new Taj model Firewire. This super stick ranging in sizes from 5'10'' to 6'4'' has adjusted rail volumes, bottom contours and a bigger rocker. Designed by Taj himself, this board is super fast and has an ultra tight turning radius.

So whats up with that big wood thing in the middle? No, Firewire has not given in to using a stringer, this feature is designed with the purpose to create more side to side flex and give the board more of a pumping action. So theoretically, anyone can get on this board and do all of Taj Burrow's off the lip moves!!

Moving on in the most organized fashion to the middle is the WRV S-Coil. This great East Coast company has created another great East Coast ripper. This stringerless, epoxy board is designed with the intention of having maximum flex every which way providing the rider with an extremely fast and manueverable board. Anyone can visit WRV's website or stop in the shop and order a custom board. The S-Coil comes in all shapes and sizes with any type of tail imaginable. There is no short cuts with were the fins go either. Go order a five fin moontail right now, not because it might be a sweet board, but because you can.

The JS carbon rail is a sweet board, but is more than just eye candy. The idea behind the carbon fiber rail system is incorporating the stregnth and flex quality of a carbon fiber board to an epoxy board. If you like a super flexy board, there is alot of homework for you. This board in particular is 6'1''x18 3/8''x2 3/16''. Like said before, it is epoxy and also has future fins with a squash tail

If for some circumstance, you feel like following the footsteps of Laird Hamilton and want to become a world class paddle board surfer, then feel free to check out the Southpoint paddle board at the end of the long board rack. K-Coast displayed this ten foot wonder so elegently that I could not pull myself to take it off the rack for a picture... it was not because I was too lazy to take a 10'x27''x4 1/8'' board down.

Do not ever, and I mean ever forget the stuff that is on sale. There are tons of boards on sale including Perfections, Avisos, and Sharp Eyes.

Also to go on the list of things to do are rubbers. There are a few Rip Curl Fanning model suits that come in a very pretty blue and are chest zip. O'Neill has a sweet Jon Jon Florence model Mutant with pinstripes.

There is a large plethora of goodies to come check out for the spring and summer, so do not delay, come down today!

Guys Stuff

The guys clothing does not fall anywere near short of color either.

Last summer skulls and sykadelic images were the winners of style, but now it is full print T's and more color with a slimmer fit.

As for shorts and pants, the straight leg walk short is still in abundance. Colored denim is starting to come into the picture as well- red jeans...hmmmmm.

35th street K-Coast is doing a bit of rearanging and moving the entire shoe department up to 78th street for more space.

As you can probably see there is some "experimental" items such as a shirt bigger than my house, and those pants with a birds eye veiw of Hawaii. There is also a huge selection of trunks with tons of pro models and color combos with all brand names including O'Neill, Billabong, Quiksilver, and alot more I just don't want to name anything that is not actually there.

Girls Stuff

It looks as if colors are the name of the game with the new spring product line.

Since it's always ladys first, lets begin with what K-Coast Surf Shop of Ocean City, Maryland has to offer for the girls clothing line. "It's all about bright colors," said Lauren, a manager at K-Coast. All of the girls clothing is colorful and bright to say the least. There are tons of clothes that have pinks, yellows, oranges, and bright greens.

Billabong takes the win when it comes to dresses, all though Volcom and Obey also have many popular T-shirts for girls. For all the ladys out there definatly check out these brands to update your spring and summer wardrobe

Even girls swimsuits are taking after the crazy color combos inspired by that flamboyant 80's generation we all love so much. There is not one suit in the entire store that was one solid color.
If I wore girls clothing I would absolutly get some of this stuff.


This past thursday ended up being a super fun South Souteast swell with hard West winds. Barrels was the name of the game. There were alot of rights that pitted real deep and had clean shoulders. However, that wind was brutal. Twenty five knot winds gusting to well over thirty knots made these waves spit in your face if you could not make the chest to shouler high drop.

There was a strong rip current due to the harsh West winds, so getting caught in a deep spot would suck you out- Mike and I got caught in one of these and debated whether or not to move to England. Since niether of us is a fan of tea time, no offense to tea I like tea, we paddled in closer.

Later in the day we headed down to the Inlet, which ended up being a shallow and really hollow peaking break. Mike stole the spot in the sun as he dropped into a well overhead right and was eaten by this monster.

The water is definatly getting warmer, so burn an old board and do a dance around the fire to get the wave gods to keep giving us this weather. Until next time, keep shreding, and READING MY BLOG!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness

After painstakingly flopping out of bed at the not so bright hour of 4 a.m. to go get some shred time in, I meet Austin in the parking lot behind Seton Court. I hop in his Civic coupe and we drive down Cold Spring and park across the street from the Tacoma. After loading the sticks and rubbers into the bed of my truck we are on our way.

The stoke factor as we are leaving Baltimore is at an all time high as our last session together two weeks ago ended in leaving the water after bobbing around in the fridgid ocean for two hours because there was nothing else to do except bob- there were no waves.

The two and a half hour trip went by extremely fast as it normally does. We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts to get two medium coffees with three sugars and cream and two donuts (its a combo meal for a little over two bucks). We arrived at the inlet in a stylish manner to a bright, brisk, and beautiful six thirty a.m. sunrise. It had not fully risen yet, but you get the point.

"So uhh, where's those waist high waves," said Austin.

"Ha," said myself in response.

We waited a few more minutes and saw a few sets that could have been waist high roll in, but had a feeling that a west wind might do more good up north.

"Fags go back to Rayhobeyth," shouted some female voice from the distance. O the feeling of being welcomed by living trash cans.

We beem up north a little bit stoping at eighteenth street and see some nice sets. Sneaking into a secret heated bathroom to change, we suit up and skimmy back outside to grab the boards and throw a little spray. After face planting the sand because of tripping on my leash, I see Austin ahead of me paddling through some nice almost chest sized glassy sets. There is also no one to be seen, except for the two or three scavengers down south.

The morning session lasts for about three hours. After not dropping in on a solid clean wave in almost a month, letting these conditions bleed through my veins was the only thing I had left to do to satisfy my addiciton. The feeling of watching a perfect, glassy, waist high left come to me instantly warmed me up in the brisk march morning. I heard Austin shout, "outside!" and paddled out and left to get the shoulder. I dropped in and pumped off the bottom turn into a few more carving turns, and swung my hips and shoulders around into a cut back. Austin can attest to the amount of spray the cut back threw.

I see Austin bang out a few DK's and three sixty's and even catch a small barrel. There is nothing like being in the water one a nice day with your bud surfing fun waves. I would start to reflect and talk about the importance of this, but there is more to the story!

With the tide coming in we go for our last wave, which always ends up being last five waves until that air reverse is landed an hour later. The secret heated changing spot is again misused as water and sand is violently flung amongst the stalls. Austin and I scurry on out as not to be seen and we pile in the truck and head on over to K-Coast. While he tries to wheel a deal with Hairball, which is not going to work by the way for future reference, I check out all the boards that have been in the shop since summer and are on clearance sale. Not really needing a board at all I still find a 5'10'' Sharp Eye fish that strikes my fancy. Sadly I don't get it, however, I do get Single Fin: Yellow, which is highly recommended to all people who like surfing and chill stuff.

After getting the stoke level through the roof again from being in the shop we head north because there was some St. Patty's Day parade that made us not want to go south. There was no actual thought that we would find waves, but after checking a few spots we end up at Southside. People don't really surf here, its a bodyboard spot because of its wedge-like breaks. With this bit of knowledge to the reader it is now a fact that I do not know what to expect, only a dumping heavy wave... sounds like fun!

We see a local guy out there and decide to put back on the sobbing wet, cold rubbers that we cherish so dearly. We both rush into the water... Austin rushes into the water, I take my time because I have know idea what is going on right now. I paddle close to the jetty of the inlet and am waiting for an outside left which never comes. Austin shouts over to me to scoot on over and take a smaller one. Seeing how shallow the breakzone was I was hesitant to drop in. I took a nice little left which ended up being a very powerful waist high wave, this doesn't sound right, but the wave bowled up and had a strong air section at the end. Southside is an amazing wave.

After about an hour I became more daring and taking larger set waves. A good chest or head high set came in and I went to paddle for the left shoulder. I still can picture Austin cheering for me as I go to drop in. Even before the bottom turn I picked up so much speed and made it into the gut of the wave. I continued to carve and pick up more speed in an attempt to air off the shoulder. As soon as I saw the wave bowl up I turn to the top and ollied off the lip. It took a few tries to land it, but this waist high day turned out to be alot of fun

My mood was the best its been in a long time.

This is a perfect example of getting a well deserved session after paying your respect to the wave gods. The surf report can only say so much, you need to get out there and experience all different kinds of conditions at different spots. There has been many times when the reports have said waist high and I show up and its not waist high. The radar doesnt show how deep the water is going to be at certain spots, you need to look at the tide charts and see how deep low tide is going to be. Thats my advice- go shred.