Friday, August 29, 2008

a few more local jabbers

Ok so what the hell is going on with the surf for monday and tuesday????? what is this forecast for headhigh waves???!!!! really, wow

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Tips to Becoming a Successful College... Surfer?

Ahh college, congratulations on being halfway successful in the classroom. So now lets not this education hogwash get in the way of your shred time. Below are a few tips on how to keep your surfing life alive in school.

1) PLAN AHEAD... your whole life, everyone has been telling you not to save things to the last minute- they are right. If you do the day trip once or twice a weekd or whenever, get some sleep saved up. It is impossible to get a good nights rest on friday night with the intent of getting up saturday morning. You are not going to go to sleep early on friday night, so plan on sleeping for a day during the week.

2) H2O YO... bring water, seriously, keep a jug in your car or something

3) LEARN TO GO TO CLASS... it does not matter how hung over, sick, or even currently drunk you are, go to class no matter what. If you are totally unprepared and are going to take a verbal beating from the teacher, it is all worthwhile when you have those free sick days they give you to go surf. So don't be that bum that has to be in class while all the bros are out surfing.

4) ROAD TRIP!... if you are in a new place, go explore, chances like these do not happen often.

5) USE THE ADVANTAGE... if your at a party and that girl that you have been stalking finally lets you talke to her, do not let this keep you from surfing. Use surfing as your advantage to make her think you are cool, because however, surfers are kind of the coolest people ever- look at how many people try to dress like us and yada yada yada.