Sunday, September 7, 2008


This past weekend at an undisclosed location on the far and vast eastcoast some great happenings... well, happened. On friday the girlfriend and I head on down to the great state that I cannot reveal the name of to meet the family for a weekend trip. The idea was not for me to surf, it was to have a good ole time in general and something with a birthday and what not.

On friday the waves were nothing special but really fun, they were punchy and had a good bit of face to bust a move on. If the drive was not horendous for me I would go hear more often.

Saturday was hurricane Hanna so despite the wind and rain I still made two trips down the street to the beach to check out what was going on- flat out gnarly stuff that I want no part of.

So Sunday, the clean up day, ahhhhh the clean up day, was what a bro would call EPIC. These head high rollers with bigger sets that could not have been more in place. I think I saw two closeouts the entire day. The paddle was killer, but was absolutly worth it because the crowd was pleasantly not really there.

This not so desolate but far away location turned out to be filled with wildlife, waves, and good times. Too bad i'm not telling you were it is.

Friday, August 29, 2008

a few more local jabbers

Ok so what the hell is going on with the surf for monday and tuesday????? what is this forecast for headhigh waves???!!!! really, wow

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Tips to Becoming a Successful College... Surfer?

Ahh college, congratulations on being halfway successful in the classroom. So now lets not this education hogwash get in the way of your shred time. Below are a few tips on how to keep your surfing life alive in school.

1) PLAN AHEAD... your whole life, everyone has been telling you not to save things to the last minute- they are right. If you do the day trip once or twice a weekd or whenever, get some sleep saved up. It is impossible to get a good nights rest on friday night with the intent of getting up saturday morning. You are not going to go to sleep early on friday night, so plan on sleeping for a day during the week.

2) H2O YO... bring water, seriously, keep a jug in your car or something

3) LEARN TO GO TO CLASS... it does not matter how hung over, sick, or even currently drunk you are, go to class no matter what. If you are totally unprepared and are going to take a verbal beating from the teacher, it is all worthwhile when you have those free sick days they give you to go surf. So don't be that bum that has to be in class while all the bros are out surfing.

4) ROAD TRIP!... if you are in a new place, go explore, chances like these do not happen often.

5) USE THE ADVANTAGE... if your at a party and that girl that you have been stalking finally lets you talke to her, do not let this keep you from surfing. Use surfing as your advantage to make her think you are cool, because however, surfers are kind of the coolest people ever- look at how many people try to dress like us and yada yada yada.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Okay so there is that article i been promising everybody, well i havent been working on it because i have a horrible summer job and fall asleep when i come home everyday. Look for this masterpiece in the fall.

Theres no waves, but that doesnt mean you should not stop checking out my surf report for 18th street on

I have some pics of two of my bras spongin in the OC slop that i will be posting up soon enough

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

even later jabbers

Horay for humpday! Hows everyone making it through the week? Keep catchin waves while you can cause this weekend it looks like a drop in size. Speeking of wave size, check out my surf report on go to ocean city maryland and click on 18th street. This spot is also known as JABS in recognition to jaws.

Next on the list is that article i am supposed to be getting out. It has been going kinda slow, but i'm makin small progress eachday... sorta. I don't see anyone else doing productive shit so lay of me a lil.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Latest jabbers

I hope everyone had a super-fun weekend of surfing thanks to hurricane bertha and the rest of mother nature that made it happen. It was an awesome weekend for the 2008 Malibu's Classic- for the latest updates on standings and overall points feel free to check out ESA's site. Go to the Delmarva district and click the points link.

Since this post is titled,"Latest Jabbers," I'm going to jabber for a bit. Assateaque, however you spell it, was really crowded. I like people at assateaque because there is alot of wild life out there which freaks me out when I'm out there alone. Seriously though, stop snaking people and being uncooth. Nobody likes it and its only gonna get your tires flattened in the end.

Lastly, I'm still working on that feature surprise article, but since I do construction full time for the summer, I am really tired when I get home. Also, since I'm jabbering, look foward to more pics on the site, i need to get a better lense. Thats all for now.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Stuff!!!!!

First and foremost on the list of things to do is hurricane Bertha, which might make a visit to this super awesome east coast. This means for some shoulder high waves, which I am un-proffesionally predicting and a really crowded sesh.

Second on the list is that contest coverage that I have been saying I am going to do and have not yet because I have this job and everything because I need money because nobody wants to pay me for the stuff i right and those bills come way to often in the mail and the reason people don't want my stuff is because this is a really long run-on sentence with horrible english and puncutation and filled with spelling mistakes.

Lastly on the new list of stuff is I am currently working on a new feature article, can't tell ya what it is because thats no fun- be sure to check it out, however.

Go surf, just stay out of my way.