Sunday, September 7, 2008


This past weekend at an undisclosed location on the far and vast eastcoast some great happenings... well, happened. On friday the girlfriend and I head on down to the great state that I cannot reveal the name of to meet the family for a weekend trip. The idea was not for me to surf, it was to have a good ole time in general and something with a birthday and what not.

On friday the waves were nothing special but really fun, they were punchy and had a good bit of face to bust a move on. If the drive was not horendous for me I would go hear more often.

Saturday was hurricane Hanna so despite the wind and rain I still made two trips down the street to the beach to check out what was going on- flat out gnarly stuff that I want no part of.

So Sunday, the clean up day, ahhhhh the clean up day, was what a bro would call EPIC. These head high rollers with bigger sets that could not have been more in place. I think I saw two closeouts the entire day. The paddle was killer, but was absolutly worth it because the crowd was pleasantly not really there.

This not so desolate but far away location turned out to be filled with wildlife, waves, and good times. Too bad i'm not telling you were it is.