Monday, July 7, 2008

New Stuff!!!!!

First and foremost on the list of things to do is hurricane Bertha, which might make a visit to this super awesome east coast. This means for some shoulder high waves, which I am un-proffesionally predicting and a really crowded sesh.

Second on the list is that contest coverage that I have been saying I am going to do and have not yet because I have this job and everything because I need money because nobody wants to pay me for the stuff i right and those bills come way to often in the mail and the reason people don't want my stuff is because this is a really long run-on sentence with horrible english and puncutation and filled with spelling mistakes.

Lastly on the new list of stuff is I am currently working on a new feature article, can't tell ya what it is because thats no fun- be sure to check it out, however.

Go surf, just stay out of my way.