Saturday, March 22, 2008


Starting at the bottom left is the new Taj model Firewire. This super stick ranging in sizes from 5'10'' to 6'4'' has adjusted rail volumes, bottom contours and a bigger rocker. Designed by Taj himself, this board is super fast and has an ultra tight turning radius.

So whats up with that big wood thing in the middle? No, Firewire has not given in to using a stringer, this feature is designed with the purpose to create more side to side flex and give the board more of a pumping action. So theoretically, anyone can get on this board and do all of Taj Burrow's off the lip moves!!

Moving on in the most organized fashion to the middle is the WRV S-Coil. This great East Coast company has created another great East Coast ripper. This stringerless, epoxy board is designed with the intention of having maximum flex every which way providing the rider with an extremely fast and manueverable board. Anyone can visit WRV's website or stop in the shop and order a custom board. The S-Coil comes in all shapes and sizes with any type of tail imaginable. There is no short cuts with were the fins go either. Go order a five fin moontail right now, not because it might be a sweet board, but because you can.

The JS carbon rail is a sweet board, but is more than just eye candy. The idea behind the carbon fiber rail system is incorporating the stregnth and flex quality of a carbon fiber board to an epoxy board. If you like a super flexy board, there is alot of homework for you. This board in particular is 6'1''x18 3/8''x2 3/16''. Like said before, it is epoxy and also has future fins with a squash tail

If for some circumstance, you feel like following the footsteps of Laird Hamilton and want to become a world class paddle board surfer, then feel free to check out the Southpoint paddle board at the end of the long board rack. K-Coast displayed this ten foot wonder so elegently that I could not pull myself to take it off the rack for a picture... it was not because I was too lazy to take a 10'x27''x4 1/8'' board down.

Do not ever, and I mean ever forget the stuff that is on sale. There are tons of boards on sale including Perfections, Avisos, and Sharp Eyes.

Also to go on the list of things to do are rubbers. There are a few Rip Curl Fanning model suits that come in a very pretty blue and are chest zip. O'Neill has a sweet Jon Jon Florence model Mutant with pinstripes.

There is a large plethora of goodies to come check out for the spring and summer, so do not delay, come down today!

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