Friday, April 4, 2008

Other neat stuff

So first on the list of neat random stuff is the Mick Fanning model Rip Curl suit that Mike is displaying so wonderfuly. Its a cool suit, its blue and is a chest zip. I think this is already in another article but it's that neat.
Secondly, if anyone rides an Aviso, which there is like four people on earth that do, feel free to put up a post and explain how it rides. The boards are extremely light, and super flexable. The reason they are so fast is because of the flex. So if there is a first hand experience out there then post it up!
Next is a wetsuit dryer!!!! I don't have one of these either, but it looks like it would work so if your suit is constantly wet then try it out cause it would more than likely work. Also, if there is a first hand experience, post it up for all to see!!! ( even though there is like three and a half people that read this blog)
Saving the best for last is the Jon Jon Mutant. I stand by O'Neill very strongly; I've had O'Neill suits for many years and they last long and perform well. So if you want to be really cool like me, and Jon Jon and like pinstripes, than get one of these suits.

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